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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic


When you think about Caribbean destinations, it is impossible not to envision yourself indulging in some decadent cocktail while looking at a white sand beach. That’s probably what comes to mind when you think about visiting the Dominican Republic, and I can assure you that if you are looking for a piece of beach paradise, unparalleled luxury, and service, you can get it there for sure.


While the Dominican Republic offers travelers the ultimate beach and resort destination, there is much more to it than one can imagine. Once you drive away from the beach, the Dominican Republic will pleasantly surprise you.


Santo Domingo, the capital of the country, is the host of the first Spanish settlement in the Americas, Zona Colonial, with beautiful colonial buildings and more than 500 years of history. The City of Santo Domingo is also a vibrant, urban city, the largest in the Caribbean, known for its active nightlife and wide variety of bars, clubs, restaurants, and hotels to please the expert and novice travelers alike.


The best value the Dominican Republic has to offer is the kindness and warmth of its people. You’ll experience the joy, music, and colorful demeanor of Dominicans no matter where you go in the country. Like I mentioned before, I’m biased. That’s why I prepared this slideshow to let you be the judge.


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